Spring 2022 Theme: S

Throughout our lives we seek for answers for why things happen the way they do. When growing up not only in life, but in faith you tend to question why certain things happen. In Life we are faced with challenging times that don’t always make sense. In these times people can lean away from their faith. In these times it is important to dive in and become invested in your faith and relationship with the Lord. In life these challenges might take a toll on you and your loved ones, but with God and your faith he will lead you to light and get you through these times. Not only is it important to search for God during hardships, but also through good times. By building these relationships and searching for God you can build a stronger relationship and become more committed to your faith. These allows you to become closer with the lord as well as with your faith.


In Lacrosse and in sports we also search for answers for when certain events happen. During sports you are faced with challenges and obstacles that can take a toll on your body both physically and emotionally. When a problem arises like an injury, bad game, or even toxic teammate, it is important to stay positive and search for ways to get you through these hardships. This can be through other teammates help or reaching out to one of our staff members. When building a team and organization it is important that everyone is on the same page and in the right direction. Overall, when on the field or in everyday life it is important to search for God to ensure you are living in his light.

FCA is here to encourage and provide the opportunity to live and ethical, virtuous, and spiritually fulfilling life. This fall, we will spend time learning and discussing what it means to Search for the times we are in and the challenges we face. More importantly, how we search for them; Without Doubt, Without Fear, With Grace, With Love, With Respect, With Purpose. We will look with what the bible has to say about each topic and how searching in these ways can lead to you being the best athlete and person.

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Without Doubt
Without Fear
With Grace
With Love
With Respect
With Purpose