Huddle Leaders

Lacrosse training on your own or with a training outside of practice time is a key ingredient to being a successful lacrosse player. FCA Lacrosse has relationships with several individual trainers for every position on the field. If you are interested in getting connected with an individual trainer, please contact FCA Lacrosse Club Director Meg McKnelly

Roles / Responsibilities

Participate in the team practices and huddles

Assist in set-up/break down or required logistics

Monitor your huddle’s needs

Be responsible for huddle members at all times

Keep huddle on schedule

Maintain group and individual discipline

Spend time with your huddle

Be available to counsel huddle members if necessary and refer individuals with counseling needs to the appropriate staff persons

Lead huddle meetings

Guide discussion involving all huddle members using the team curriculum

Lead prayer time

Participate in clinics/competition

Serve as a coach/instructor as directed by the head coach/staff

Be a Christ-like example during competition

Participate in Training Sessions prior to practices and tournaments

Function within all FCA’s policies and staff

FCA Huddle Leaders

Develop relationships with players, coaches and families within FCA ministry.

Organized and thorough leading of huddles.

Organized and thorough leading of huddles.

Clear communication to staff and coaches when issue arises.

Prepared and on time for FCA activities and events.

Openness and honestly regarding the status, needs and issues for huddle and team.

Organized and thorough leading of huddles.

Assistance and submission to coaches and staff.

FCA Staff

The proper training and resources to help you be successful in your job

Timely distribution of FCA resources, paychecks and merchandise

Logistics and administration for overall FCA Lacrosse events and ministry.

Leadership and mentorship as you go throughout the summer.

Mediation in times of disagreement with other leaders.

Support for huddles, tournaments, practices, etc.

Guidance and counseling during trials and hardships, FCA and personal.

FCA Coaches

Team logistics and administration – practices, tournaments, schedules, etc

Leadership, strategy and development for success on the field.

Leadership and guidance for the specific team needs.

Clear communication for team events.

A heart that models the FCA values of integrity, service, teamwork and excellence.

Support for huddles, tournaments, practices, etc